David Seay

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David sings, plays over a dozen instruments, teaches private music lessons, and conducts workshops, most notably in harmonica.

Combining his passions for music, history, and storytelling, David has presented Humanities Nebraska Speakers Bureau programs since 1997. He is a master artist with the Nebraska Arts Council’s Artist in Schools/Communities Residency Program (over 30 years).

“The ‘Tradition’ in Traditional Folk Music”

This presentation features demonstrations and stories of folk instruments such as harmonica, pennywhistle, Lakota style flute, ocarina, pan pipes, animal horn, bugle, musical saw, banjo, singing bowl, didgeridoo, and limber toys. The introduction of a new instrument every few minutes keeps this program upbeat and makes it easy to tailor for groups of any age from preschoolers to senior citizens. (30-60 minutes)

Also available through the
Humanities Nebraska Speakers Bureau

“Train Songs and Tales”

What is it about trains that so easily engages one’s imagination? Climb aboard with David as he shares a variety of railroad inspired songs and stories that offer peeks into the past from a wide variety of points of view. This upbeat excursion is accompanied by guitar, banjo, ukulele, harmonicas, whistles, and a sing-along or two. Songs include “Wabash Cannonball”, “John Henry”, “Wreck of the Old ‘97”, “Choo Choo Ch’Boogie”, “Freight Train”, “Rock Island Line”, and “City of New Orleans”, amongst others. (30-60 minutes)

Also available through the
Humanities Nebraska Speakers Bureau

“Nebraska Territory Stories”

In this upbeat presentation David performs folk music that existed at the time Nebraska became a state on March 1, 1867. Between tunes he discusses how these songs provide glimpses into history by telling stories of life during the 13 years before Nebraska statehood. This cheerful show works particularly well for family audiences as it has opportunities for volunteers to come up front and participate. Instruments featured are banjo, harmonica, whistles, and mountain dulcimer. (45-60 minutes)

Also available through the
Humanities Nebraska Speakers Bureau

“Folk Traditions Through Music”

These programs give hands-on experience with the harmonica OR ukulele and teach how music reflects cultural traditions and conveys them from one generation to the next. (60 minutes)

Also available through the
Humanities Nebraska Speakers Bureau

Harmonica Workshops

Within the first few minutes workshop participants will be playing actual folk songs on their very own harmonicas. A mini-harmonica workshop may be included in either “The ‘Tradition’ in Traditional Folk Music” or “Nebraska Territory Stories”.


David is also available for residencies through the Nebraska Arts Council’s Artist-in-the-Schools/Communities Residency Program.

Singing Bowl Yak Horn Steer Horn Bugle Didgeridoo Lakota Flute Penny Whistle Tabor Pipe Tabor Pipe - Penny Whistle Low D Penny Whistle Harmonica Musical Saw



“Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. You are the best at what you do... Talk about a room full of happy people.”
...Associate Curator of Education Youth, Family, and Community Programs, Joslyn Art Museum
after harmonica workshops for "two packed houses" at "Family Day"

“The kids LOVED it, and so did the teachers! A friend of mine, who is retired and has seen many, many assemblies, said that yours was one of the best she has seen. I agree! ”
Dundee Elementary School, Omaha, Nebraska
after a Humanities Nebraska Speakers Bureau Presentatiion of “The ‘Tradition’ in Traditional Folk Music”

“Excellent! David really interacted well with the audience.”
...Program Director
Lincoln Area Agency on Aging

“The stories and songs make history much more real. Well done!”
...High School-aged audience member
after a Humanities Nebraska Speakers Bureau Presentatiion of “Train Songs and Tales of the Westward Rails”

“I was impressed with the way you handled students, the patience you exhibited, your humor (even if the kids didn’t always get it), and the simplicity of your instruction. I’ve put you on my “Excellent” list. You’ll get asked again to come here.”
...Principal, Lincoln Elementary School, Hastings, Nebraska
after a Nebraska Arts Council Artists-in-the-Schools/Communities Residency

“David is always an engaging presenter. His humor and knowledge greatly added to the evening’s events. The audience loved his interactive musical instruments that they were allowed to experiment with. Many positive comments were received from the visitors.”
...Ranger, Homestead National Monument of America, near Beatrice, Nebraska
after an October, 2018 Howling Homestead event at the Homestead Heritage Center.

“It was another great week! You are a great fellow, fun companion, and a fantastic musician!”
...Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale
after a week long Statehood Day Celebration tour

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