Scandinavian Sampler for Two

20 traditional Scandinavian tunes curated from the Tunes for Two series from these previously published Greenblatt & Seay Publications:

Each Tunes for Two collection consists of individual spiral-bound duet books presented in score form with melody on the top line and harmony beneath so you can play each tune by yourself or with others. The tunes are laid out so that there are no page turns to interrupt the flow of your playing. Duo arrangements of the tunes in this collection, in the same keys, are available for violins, violas, cellos, basses, and mandolins.

PDFs are available worldwide for each of the books in the Tunes for Two series.

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Scandinavian Sampler for Two Basses

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Scandinavian Sampler for Two Cellos

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Scandinavian Sampler for Two Mandolins

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Scandinavian Sampler for Two Violas

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Scandinavian Sampler for Two Violins

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Tunes in this Collection...
“Appelbo Ganglat”, “Boda Valsen”, “Ellin Polka”, “Elverumspols fra Folldal”, “Finn Jenta”, “Forkert Vals”, “Gammalvals”, “Heili Karjalasta Humppa”, “Hoppvals fra Feragen”, “MenuettTjock”, “Metsakukkia”, “Pindsvine Reinlander”, “Polka from Ratan”, “Polska in Dm”, “Simon Kils Vals”, “Skotsk”, “Supen”, “Thorvald Hansens”, “Uljas Polska Fran Vardo”, “ValsAgerkrog”


The keys employed use up to two flats or sharps and the first position is all that is required for violinists of about 1st Grade AMEB standard. The attractive melodies are excellent sight reading material.

...Andrew Lorenz, Stringendo, Journal of the Australian Strings Association Ltd., April 2021
used by permission of AUSTA National Journal Editor

Deborah Greenblatt continues to bring fiddlers together for music-making with her series of books for two violins. If you have a friend (or child, student, etc.) to play or perform with, these books are just the thing. All books are accessible to a wide range of levels and are carefully laid out to avoid awkward page turns. They are also available for other instruments. Pure fiddling fun!

...Mary Larsen, Fiddler Magazine, Summer 2019
from a review of “Scandinavian Sampler for Two Violins”, “Blues Fiddle Tunes for Two Violins”, and “Celtic Sampler for Two Violins

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