Barefoot Fiddler

for Singing String Orchestra
works for String Quartet or String Quintet

Arranged by Deborah Greenblatt

Everyone gets interesting syncopated melodic bits in this energetic hoedown, as well as the opportunity to sing to their fans, “Put your shoes on!” The violins also are featured with pizzicato chords.

One of the neat things about this tune is that it is in major for the first section, but minor for the second section. Most fiddlers would play the major section again (as in this arrangement) to end the tune on a happy note.

Once upon a time, David and I were playing Barefoot Fiddler on a festival stage here in Nebraska. As we played the first part, a wee little boy walked towards the stage, in his bare feet. At the appropriate time, I sang right to him, “Put your shoes on! Put your shoes on!” The wee little boy quickly turned around, and ran for his shoes. I hope he found them…

This toe-tapping hoedown can be played as a quartet with violin 1, violin 2, viola, and cello, or as a quintet with bass.

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