Greenblatt & Seay Duo
Wedding Sampler

The following tunes are available to help you make your song selections for the ceremony. Songs are presented in the order of activities at a wedding.

These samples include our most requested wedding tunes. You may select all of the paticular tunes that you want played at your wedding from these or choose to feature out-of-the-ordinary tunes. We can offer alternatives and help you decide which tunes you want played where and when.

These recordings serve as examples of the variety of instrument combinations we offer, as well as some of the different styles and cultures that we can convey.

Before Ceremony:

while guests are being seated

Smash the Windows

Irish - Hammered Dulcimer

Virgin Pullets

Renaissance - Hammered Dulcimer

Candle Lighting:

On the Road to Boston

Scottish - Whistle/Recorder

Peekaboo Waltz

American - Harmonica/Guitar

Seating of Family:

Edi Bethu

Renaissance - Hammered Dulcimer

Erev Shel Shashanim

Jewish - Violin/Guitar


Canon in D

Pachelbel - Violin/Guitar

Trumpet Tune

Purcell - Violin/Guitar


Bridal Chorus

Wagner - Violin/Guitar

Tantst, Tantst Yidelekh

Jewish - Violin/Guitar

Trumpet Voluntary

Purcell - Violin/Guitar


Mazel Tov

Jewish - Violin/Guitar

Wedding March

Mendelssohn - Violin/Guitar

After Ceremony:

while guests are slowly leaving

Hevenu Shalom Alechem

Jewish - Violin/Guitar

Blue Flame

American - Harmonica/Guitar

These examples are a tiny fraction of the number of tunes we can play. You may also find inspiration for tune selections for your wedding from the Greenblatt String Trio sample tunes. Our duo can play versions of most of these pieces so check them out for further ideas.

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