Tango Trios for Strings

The flirtatious and provocative musical moods of these 23 tangos are mixed with a generous dose of melancholia. Each trio part includes luxurious melodies, quirky rhythms, and supportive harmonies. Take your time with these musical excursions, and enjoy the cruise!

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“Acapella in Alcapulco” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Always Listening” by Greenblatt
“Anoranzas” by Santos
“Banana Boy” by Greenblatt
“Bar 5” by Greenblatt
“Bolada de Aficionado” by Villoldo
“The Day the Rain Stopped” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Don Julio” by Sagreras
“El Choclo” by Villoldo
“Estragadao” by Ricardo
“Fixin’ The Furnace” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Floraux” by Nazareth
“Infeliz” by Santos
“Just In Case” by Greenblat & Seay
“La Paloma” by Yradier
“Lines and Spaces” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Mio Amore” by Caslar
“Poppy” by Tilzer
“Por Uña Cabeza” by Gardel
“Quack Off” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Tango Sevillano” by Nogueras
“Who’ll Volunteer” by Greenblatt & Seay
“Y...Como Le Va?” by Valverde


“The tango originated in Buenos Aires in the 1880s, and the genre was quickly embraced worldwide. Deborah Greenblatt explores the tango’s various and provocative musical moods in these 23 arrangements for strings. This is a flexible ‘build your own trio’ set of books: players can select an A part, a B part, and a C part in any of three clefs. Running two to three pages in length, these excellent arrangements serve up luxurious melodies, syncopated dance rhythms, and lush harmonies. Highly recommended. ”
...Hollis Taylor Stringendo, Journal of the Australian Strings Association Ltd., April 2019
used by permission of AUSTA National Journal Editor

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