Madrigal Trios for Strings

These 46 selections are a perfect starting place for beginning string players to experience the joy of playing chamber music. The Madrigal first gained popularity among singing groups during the Renaissance Era, but there is no reason why the singers should monopolize the fun.

Each of the collections in the Trios for Strings series consists of nine individual part books. Each of the three trio parts (A, B, and C) are available for violins, violas, and cellos.

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Build a trio by selecting an A part, a B part, and a C part
in the clef that each musician prefers...

Violin (treble clef), Viola (viola clef), or Cello (bass clef)

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Tunes in this Collection...
Anonymous, “Nao Tragais Borzeguis”
Antonelli, “Amor Lasciami Stare”
Antonelli, “Gioia Ch’Avanzi”
Arcadelt, “S’io Vi Potessi”
Bateson, “Love Would Discharge the Duty”
Bateson, “The Nightingale”
Brachrogge, “Chi Puo Contar le Stelle”
Brachrogge, “Crudel, Se T’e Si Grave”
Este, “How Merrily We Live”
Ferrari, “Amai Si Fortemente”
Festa, “Altro Non E’l Mi’Amor”
Gabrieli, “A Caso Un Giorno Mi Guido La Sorte”
Gabrieli, “A, Cosi, Cor Mio, Vogliate, Le Deciva”
Gastoldi, “Il Ballerino”
Gorzanis, “Alma Perche T’Affliggi?”
Hagius, “Herzlich Tu Mich Erfreuen”
Isaac, “Hor An Mein Klag”
Marenzio, “Ad Una Fresca Riva”
Marenzio, “Amatemi Ben Mio”
Marenzio, “Donna Da Vostri Sguardi”
Marini, “La Avogadrina”
Marini, “La Capriola”
Monte, “Ardo, Sospiro, & Piango”
Monteverdi, “Raggi Dov’e’l Mio”
Morley, “Though Philomela Lost Her Love”
Morley, “Whither Away, So Fast”
Nanino, “E’l Viso Di Pietosi Color”
Nauwach, “Amor Mir Hat Genommen”
Nola, “Ahime Che Co’l Partir”
Palestrina, “Ahi, Che Quest’occhi Miei”
Palestrina, “Da Cosi Dotta Man”
Pederson, “Non Fuggir”
Reggio, “Crudel, Di Che Peccato A Doler T’Hai”
Schein, “Kicke Hi Hi, Ha Ha Ha Ha”
Schein, “Viel Schoner Blumelein”
Sistino, “I Liet’Amanti”
Spighi, “Che Vuoi Piu”
Vecchi, “Amor Opra Che Puoi”
Weelkes, “A Country Pair”
Weelkes, “Strike It Up, Tabor”
Wilbye, “Away ! Thou Shalt Not Love”
Wilbye, “Fly, Love, Aloft”
Willaert, “Se’l Veder Voi M’Ancide”

Also available is the Madrigal String Quartets collection which has a different selection of tunes.

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