Madrigal String Quartets

These 43 selections are a perfect starting place for beginning string players to experience the joy of playing chamber music. The Madrigal first gained popularity among singing groups during the Renaissance Era, but there is no reason why the singers should monopolize the fun.

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Tunes in this Collection...
Aleotti, “Al Turbar De’ Bei Lumi”
Anerio, “Amor Io Son Contento”
Aranda, “E Il Fior Ch’in Ciel Potea Pormi Fra I Dei”
Arcadelt, “Ver’ Infern’ E’l Mio Petto”
Bateson, “Down From Above Falls Jove In Rain”
Bennet, “Let Go, Why Do You Stay Me”
Berchem, “Pungente Dardo”
Blotagrio, “Amor Io Sent’Un”
Di Lasso, “Matona, Lovely Maiden”
Dowland, “Whoever Thinks, Or Hopes, Of Love”
Farmer, “Fair Phyllis I Saw Sitting All Alone”
Ferrabosco, “Deh Ferm’ Amor”
Ford, “Since First I Saw Your Face”
Gabrieli, “Occhi Sereni”
Gastoldi, “Amor Tu che Congiugi”
Gevaert, “Coletta”
Ghizzolo, “Mascherata di Pescatori”
Giovanelli, “Ahi Che Faro”
Hassler, “Chi Mi Dimandara”
Hathaway, “Hark, Jolly Shepherds”
Hutchinson, “Return, Return, My Lovely Maid”
Jones, “Farewell, Dear Love”
Josquin, “Mille Regretz”
Kirbye, “Lo Here My Heart”
Marenzio, “Hor Vedi, Amor, Che Giovinetta Donna”
Morley, “Now Is the Month of Maying”
Morley, “Sing We And Chant It”
Palestrina, “I Vaghi Fiori”
Pilkington, “Amyntas With His Phyllis Fair”
Purcell, “In These Delightful, Pleasant Groves”
Quagliati, “Quando Miro Il Tuo Bel Volto”
Ravenscroft, “Toss the Pot”
Senfl, “Ach Elslein, Liebes Elselein”
Sullivan, “Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day”
Tallis, “Heare the Voyce ”
Tessier, “Au Joli Bois Je M’en Vais”
Tomkins, “O Yes, Has Any Found a Lad”
Vecchi, “So Well I Know Who’s Happy”
Verdelot, “One Smiling Summer Morning”
Weelkes, “Lo ! Country Sport”
Wert, “Chi Salira Per Me”
Wilbye, “Fly Not So Swift, My Dear”
Willaert, “Io Amai Sempre, Et Amo Forte Anchora”

Also available is the Madrigal Trios for Strings collection which has a different selection of tunes.

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