Canons for Three

These 65 old melodies work with just one musician, two musicians, or three musicians. Canons are a great introduction to the pleasures of chamber music, with rich harmonies, quirky rhythms, and occasional lyrics.

Volumes with these same tunes in the same keys are available for Violin (treble clef), Viola (alto clef), and Cello (bass clef) to make it easy to play with string playing colleagues.

This collection is not part of the Trios for Stings series of tune books.

Also available is Canons for Four with part books available for violin, viola, and cello.

Canons for Three Violins

1 copy of Book (treble clef): $10.00

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Canons for Three Violas

1 copy of Book (alto clef): $10.00

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Canons for Three Cellos

1 copy of Book (bass clef): $10.00

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Tunes in this Collection...
“At Summer Morn”
“At the Close of the Evening”
“The Beggar’s Petition”
“The Bell Doth Toll”
“Buon Giorno, Mia Cara”
“Buona Sera”
“Canon in G Minor”
“Canon No. 9”
“A Catch on Mr. Jery Clarke’s Old Dog Spott”
“A Catch Upon Tom Jolly’s Nose”
“Come Follow Me Merrily”
“Come Let Us All A-Maying Go”
“The Comical Fellows”
“The Composer’s Instructions”
“Do Re Mi Fa”
“Dona Nobis Pacem”
“Down, Down With Bacchus”
“French Cathedrals”
“Frohlich Sein”
“Go to the Path at the Top of the Garden”
“Grasshoppers Three”
“Great Tom is Cast”
“He That Will an Alehouse Keep”
“Hey Ho, To the Greenwood Now”
“Hey, Ho, Nobody Home”
“The Hired Man’s Faith in Children”
“Hook, The Sky Lark”
“I Pray Thee How Do we Best Sing a Scale”
“Ich Armes Welsches Teufli”
“Joan Come Kiss Me Now”
“John Cooper”
“Kum Bachur Atzel”
“La Chasse”
“Let Simon’s Beard Alone”
“Let Us Rejoice Today”
“Lieve Lente”
“Listen To the Echo”
“Long Life To Our Queen”
“Ma Tovu”
“Mister Speaker”
“No Perfect Woman Lives”
“Noah, Here They Come”
“Now We Are Met”
“Oh How Lovely Is the Evening”
“Oil and Vinegar”
“Poor and Carefree Stranger”
“Quakers Catch”
“Schon Und Lieblich”
“See the Rosy Morn Appearing”
“A Sentiment”
“Shalom Chaverim”
“Sing Together”
“Some Modern Wives”
“A Southerly Wind”
“Surly Giles’s Old Cat”
“Tinking Tom”
“To All Lovers of Musick”
“To The Greenwood”
“Tsena, Tsena”
“We Are Warming Up Our Voices”
“A Wife!”
“Wind, Gentle Evergreen”
“Zing Voor Elkaar”


“The Canons books are a sure ticket to a good time with musical friends. The tunes are simple - but wait! Greenblatt recommends starting out playing the tune together, and then starting at different points (marked in the notation). If that’s not challenging enough, she suggests trying different octaves or, if you know the words, singing.”
...Mary Larsen Fiddler Magazine, Winter 2018/2019

“These three volumes of 65 old melodies are an excellent way to introduce the joys of chamber music to advanced beginners and intermediate players. Each arrangement is consistent in key across the parts, whether for violin, viola, or cello. Arranger Deborah Greenblatt suggests they can be performed in unison, as a duo canon, or as a trio canon. It’s a sure avenue to making music with friends.”
...Hollis Taylor Stringendo, Journal of the Australian Strings Association Ltd., April 2019
used by permission of AUSTA National Journal Editor

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