Canons for Four

Many of these 57 old melodies work with just one musician, or two musicians, but when you are fortunate enough to have three other folks by your side, you are in for a real treat. These pieces are a great introduction to the pleasures of chamber music, with rich harmonies, and quirky rhythms.

Volumes with these same tunes in the same keys are available for Violin (treble clef), Viola (alto clef), and Cello (bass clef) to make it easy to play with string playing colleagues.

Also available is Canons for Three with part books available for violin, viola, and cello.

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Canons for Four Violins

1 copy of Book (treble clef): $10.00

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Canons for Four Violas

1 copy of Book (alto clef): $10.00

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Canons for Four Cellos

1 copy of Book (bass clef): $10.00

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Tunes in this Collection...
““The Almanack Catch”
“Bona Nox”
“The Bride and Bridegroom”
“Canon a 4”
“A Catch Upon Mr. Young and His Son”
“Celebrons Sans Cesse”
“Chanson a Boire”
“Coss’ E, Via Su”
“David, David”
“Death Is a Long Sleep”
“Din, Din”
“Ding Ding Ding Dong Bell”
“Donkeys and Carrots”
“Er Is Een Roos Ontsprongen”
“Fox and Geese”
“Frere Jacques”
“Fuga Quatuor Vocum”
“Give To Me Your Hand”
“Gottlicher Morpheus”
“Hanen Stend Pa Stabburshella”
“Happy Days”
“The Hart He Loves the High Wood”
“Have You Not”
“Have You Seen the Ghost of Tom”
“Here’s a Health to All Those That We Love”
“Hey We to the Other World”
“How Charming the Fair One”
“Il Dio D’Amore”
“John the Miller”
“The King’s Health”
“The Lord May’r”
“Lost He Wanders”
“Merrily, Merrily”
“Nacht Vangt Aan”
“The Night He Was Wedded”
“Noah, Here They Come”
“Now Robin Lend Me Thy Bow”
“On a Scolding Wife”
“Poor Nicky Markham”
“Roses From Fyn”
“Round With the Glass”
“Row, Row, Row Your Boat ”
“See the Bowl”
“She Who Lies Here”
“Sir Timothy”
“Sumer Is A-Cumin In”
“Syng Du Nattergal”
“Thomas Was Very Kind”
“Tous Les Matins”
“Under a Green Elm”
“Viel Gluck Und Viel Segen”
“We Are Warming Up Our Voices”
“The Weeders”


“The Canons books are a sure ticket to a good time with musical friends. The tunes are simple-but wait! Greenblatt recommends starting out playing the tune together, and then starting at different points (marked in the notation). If that’s not challenging enough, she suggests trying different octaves or, if you know the words, singing.”
...Mary Larsen Fiddler Magazine, Winter 2018/2019

“The remarkable Deborah Greenblatt continues her series of delightful arrangements. Her ensembles offer a rich and diverse palette of duets, trios and quartets, with melodies drawn from every part of the world. Ms. Greenblatt now presents her Canons for Four. Individual part books are available for violin, viola and cello and additional parts can be obtained for extra players depending on their preferred clefs. Many of these selections are short and simple, and are ideal sight-reading exercises, as well as a great introduction to the pleasures of chamber music. My young students enjoyed playing these canons as a fun treat to conclude a lesson and see who is caught out first (maybe the teacher?). Favourites were quickly established and thus we had plenty of encores. Second, third and fourth players’ cues are clearly marked. Have fun with these catchy tunes. ”
...Mary Nemet Stringendo, Journal of the Australian Strings Association Ltd., April 2019
used by permission of AUSTA National Journal Editor

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