String Quartet Books and Sheet Music

Arrangements by Deborah Greenblatt

The following collections consist of individual part books for Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, and Cello. Some of these also have optional Bass part books available so they can be played by a Quartet or a Quintet.

Alexander’s Feast by George Frideric Handel
This piece is a musical delight for a quartet or as a quintet (with bass), or string orchestra. The score is spiral-bound, Parts are camera ready. Purchase includes permission for the buyer to photocopy parts for their own students or string orchestra.

Danseyre by Tielman Susato
57 light-hearted dance tunes from the Renaissance. Includes gaillards, pavanes, allemaingnes, bergerettes, etc.

Fairy Queen by Henry Purcell
This collection includes the instrumental pieces from Henry Purcell’s 1692 opera, “The Fairy Queen”, which is an adaption of Shakespeare’s play, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. It can be played as a quartet (without bass) or as a quintet (with bass).

Irish String Quartet Collection
Over 30 minutes of traditional Irish tunes. Program notes and a source list are included.

Jewish String Quartet Collection
Traditional Jewish and Yiddish folk songs, wedding music, as well as some original Greenblatt & Seay melodies in the Klezmer style, suitable for weddings, parties, and dances.

Lumbye String Collection
19th century composer, Hans Christian Lumbye, is known as the leading Danish composer of dance music. Includes waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, galops, and a quadrille. These tunes can be played as a quartet or as a quintet with bass.

Madrigal String Quartets
These 43 selections are a perfect starting place for beginning string players to experience the joy of playing chamber music.

Overtures for Strings
Perfect for the advanced string quartet with symphonic tastes. Each overture has been arranged so that everybody gets the chance to show off, as well as play classic excerpts. They can be played as a quartet or as a quintet with bass.

Polka String Quartets
This collection contains some well-known polkas, as well as tunes from the Ukraine, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, and Nebraska.

Processionals & Marches for String Quartet
for Weddings, Funerals, and Parades
In each of these 30 energetic pieces all four parts share the interesting melodic bits.
These same tunes have also been arranged for string trio and are available as Processionals & Marches for String Trio.

Ragtime String Collection
11 rags arranged so that everyone gets a chance to play interesting licks! This string ensemble collection can be played as a quartet or as a quintet with bass. It is also suitable for string orchestra.

Renaissance String Quartets
Many of these 25 arrangements are suitable, aka “easy”, for folks playing in a quartet for the first time. You may experience harmonies and dissonances that are new to you. Some of the rhythms may be unexpected.

String Quartet Collection
These 13 tunes comprised the first collection of string quartet arrangements by Deborah Greenblatt. Includes a variety of styles of music with some original tunes written by Greenblatt.

String Quartets for All Seasons: Autumn
These 10 arrangements feature Baroque music from Italy, Romantic music from France, Germany, Russia, Spain and the United States, early 20th century music from England, Norway, and the United States.

String Quartets for All Seasons: Spring
These 14 arrangements feature Renaissance music from England and France, Baroque music from England and Italy, Romantic music from Austria, England, France, Germany, Poland and Venezuela, and early 20th century music from the United States of America.

String Quartets for All Seasons: Summer
These 11 arrangements feature Renaissance music, Baroque music from Italy, Romantic music from Denmark, Germany, Russia, and the U.S.A., and early 20th century music from the U.S.A.

String Quartets for All Seasons: Winter
These 12 arrangements feature a traditional Christmas tune from the Shetland Islands (Day Dawn), as well as music from the Baroque, Renaissance, Romantic, and early 20th century periods.

Swedish String Quartet Collection
This collection features light-hearted and pensive dance tunes from Sweden. These elegant and joyous pieces are suitable for intermediate level groups, and provide a charming change of pace for the professional as well.

Tango String Quartet Collection
Here’s your chance to enjoy these seven original Greenblatt & Seay creations. All but one have optional lyrics, for you brave quartets, to serenade your well-behaved audiences in grand style.

The Water Music by George Frideric Handel for String Quartet

“Greenblatt’s books of duos, trios and quartets are indispensable for any event or festivity -- be sure to have them all on hand.”
- Stringendo, October 2012, Journal of the Australian Strings Association,
used by permission of AUSTA National Journal Editor

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