Greenblatt & Seay Tune of the Month # 1

“On My Roof”

music by Deborah Greenblatt
© 1988 by Deborah Greenblatt
Debby: Violin x 3

Once upon a time, I was playing for some dancers, and one of them asked an intriguing question. “Have you ever considered creating music based on the rhythms of ancient Greek poetry?”

She lured me to her apartment, and served tea and scones. She showed me a collection of ancient Greek poems that she just happened to have handy. It was all in Greek, which she was able to translate.

The rhythms were all diagrammed, long notes, short notes, a sort of ancient Morse code.

It was an interesting challenge, but being somewhat intimidated, I chose the shortest poem that I could find.

“On my roof in wet April a mockingbird sings.”...by Stesichorus

On My Roof

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