2023 Virtual Schoolhouse Fiddling Bee

Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 2:30 PM

A video of the winning submissions will be posted at that time to the Greeblatt & Seay YouTube Channel.

To watch the video with us on Zoom send us an email to request an invitation.

GENERAL RULES (which apply to all Contests):

- No electric or amplified instruments are allowed.

- A video of each entry must be recorded by the contestant and submitted as an email attachment sent to publishing@greenblattandseay.com. If the video file is too large to be emailed you may upload it to a cloud storage and transfer service such as Google Drive or Dropbox and then send us an email with the link we can use to download it.

- The length of each video submitted must be no longer than two minutes.

- Each recording must be made in a single take. Videos must not be edited.

- Contestants, or one of their legal guardians if the contestant is less than 18 years old, must give specific permission for their entry to be publicly posted and/or streamed online.

- Deadline for submitting contest videos is September 17, 2023.

There are two Divisions...

1) Junior Division:for musicians who have played less than three years.

2) Senior Division:for musicians who have played three years or more.

Each Division will have 3 separate Contests...

1) Happy Contest – one happy fiddle tune tune played on any acoustic bowed string instrument.

2) Sad Contest – one sad fiddle tune played on any acoustic bowed string instrument.

3) Fee-Fi-Faux Contest – one fiddle tune played on an instrument that is not an acoustic bowed string instrument.

- Each entry will consist of one tune. Only one entry per Contest per person.

- Contestants may play with one or two live backup musicians playing acoustic instruments. Backup musicians may not play the melody or a harmony part. No electrical instruments or pre-recorded music allowed for backing up the contestant.

- Right before playing the tune the contestant must introduce themselves, tell how many years they have been playing, announce the title of the tune followed by one or two concise sentences about its origin including date composed if known, or that it is widely considered to be a traditional tune. Optional verbiage may be edited out.

- Contestants will be judged on pitch, tone, rhythm, presentation and adherence to the rules. Contestants will receive comments on their submissions via email if an email address is provided.

- Each tune must be in the public domain to be included. If we have doubts that the tune is not in the public domain then we may request the contestant provide evidence that it does not have a current copyright.

- Entries found to violate any of the rules may not be included. No refunds will be made if a rules violation disqualifies an entry.

Prizes for Winners in each Contest...

1st Place winners will receive their choice of 3 Schoolhouse Virtual Workshops, Play Alongs, or pdfs from our Tunes for Two series.

2nd Place winners will receive their choice of 2 Schoolhouse Virtual Workshops, Play Alongs, or pdfs from our Tunes for Two series.

3rd Place winners will receive their choice of 1 Schoolhouse Virtual Workshop, Play Along, or a pdf from our Tunes for Two series.


There is an entry fee of $10.00 per Contest submission. For example if an individual submits an entry in the Happy Contest, the Sad Contest, and the Fee Fi Faux Contest the total fee would be $30.00.

Payment may be made via PayPal’s “Send Money” service. In the PayPal’s message field note that this payment is for “Schoolhouse Fiddling Bee” When PayPal asks for the recipient of your payment please use this email address...

We can also accept payment by a check made out to “Greenblatt & Seay” and sent thru the USPS mail to
Greenblatt & Seay
PO Box 671
Avoca, NE 68307

Pre-registration is required
to enter the contest.

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