So Far So Good

Greenblatt & Seay

A CD containing a remix of the songs on “Escape Hatch Door” and “Gonna Getcha Train” cassettes. All songs written and performed by Greenblatt & Seay.

CD: $10.00

Tunes in this Collection...
“Gonna Getcha Train”
“My Name Is Baby Wilson”
“Django’s Jacket”
“Mississippi River”
“Beepin’ Faces”
“True Love”
“Cowboy Kid”
“I Don’t Want No Babies in My Bed”
“Rubber Soles”
“Sat On a Cat”
“Avoca Polka”
“Back to Nebraska”
“I Wish I Were a Sailor”
“Same Songs”
“Escape Hatch Door”
“Play Harmony”
“Fixin’ the Furnace”
“Who Will Marry Harry”
“Quack Off”
“Train Songs”
“Acapella in Acapulco”

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