James Whitcomb Riley, The Fiddling Children’s Poet

Deborah Greenblatt

Deborah was inspired to craft melodies for some of fellow fiddler Riley’s poems when she realized that the rhythm of the words to “Raggedy Man” matched that of the rhythm of the notes in the fiddle hoedown “Ragtime Annie” and that the cadence of the syllables in “When the Frost Is on the Punkin’” lined up perfectly with the notes in “Turkey in the Straw”. Using these tunes and Riley’s own words from some of his lectures (he toured with Edgar Allan Poe) and letters (he corresponded with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow), Deborah weaves a whimsical glimpse into the world of this famous Hoosier children’s poet.

CD: $10.00

Tunes in this Collection...
“At Auntie’s House”
“Give Me the Baby”
“Uncle Sidney’s Logic”
“When the Frost Is on the Punkin’”
“The Funniest Thing in the World”
“The Willow”
“Little Orphan Annie”
“The Raggedy Man”
“Whatever the Weather May Be”
“My Fiddle”
“A Dream of Autumn”
“Arkansas Traveler”
“Best of All”

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