Noah’s Ark

by Greenblatt & Seay

This unique Greenblatt & Seay production is a lively, mini-musical adaptation of the story of Noah and the great flood. David’s words examine the relationships between the ark’s inhabitants from the day they boarded, to the day they disembarked. Debby’s music suggests many of the globes great musical traditions, such as blues, Cajun, calypso, Klezmer, a “Gilbert & Sullivan” style jig, a tango, and even a round. Instruments featured include fiddle, guitar, harmonica, tabor pipe, and baritone ukulele.

CD: $10.00

Tunes in this Collection...
“Oh, Noah”
“Noah, Here They Come”
“Who’s Missing”
“Noah Doesn’t Know-ah”
“Somebodies’ Wives”
“The Day the Rain Stopped”
“Start of the New”
“The Water Recedes”
“Noah, There They Go”

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