Floatin’ Along

by Greenblatt & Seay

Many of the lively songs on this CD were inspired by Debby and David’s own two rambunctious sons when they were very little and still cute. To be enjoyed by the whole family. All Songs Written and Performed by Greenblatt & Seay.

CD: $10.00

Tunes in this Collection...
“Whenever Mommy’s Cold”
“I Wanna Hear the Sound”
“Ugly Bug”
“What Does a Teddy Bear Eat for Breakfast?”
“Sat on a Cat”
“My Name Is Baby Wilson”
“Bath Time Again”
“Beepin’ Faces”
“Django’s Jacket”
“I Don’t Want No Babies in My Bed”
“Call Me”
“Gonna Getcha Train”
“Railroad Whistles”
“Use the Blues”
“Floatin’ Along”
“Banana Boy”


“Does it trip preschoolers’ music-and-fun switches? The answer, so far as I can tell, is yes, indeed. This is a homemade, from scratch, warm-out-of-the-oven gift of original children’s songs. Mostly, it’s accompanied by very simple guitar strumming, but there’s also the occasional fiddle, spoons, harmonica and hand-held drum. This reviewer particularly liked the sea-shanty quality of “Bath Time Again” (“I’ll bring my rubber ducky/lather up the bubbles/I’ll bring my rubber ducky/haul away the toys”) and the guileless sweetness of “Floatin’ Along” (“Floatin’ along in your sleep in the middle of a perfect dream... Floatin’ along with the sound of a song your daddy wrote just for you and for me to sing you floatin’ from dream to dream”). These are musical sensibilities in whose capable hands (and hearts) you can feel safe and confident leaving your children.”
- Bill Fisher,
Victory Music Review, October 2001

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