Fiddle Fables

by Deborah Greenblatt

These fourteen delightful songs explore the trials, tribulations, and lessons that fiddlers often have in common. With the help of the fabulous five-string fiddling, singing, and philosophizing of Deborah Greenblatt you’ll find sound advice for the beginner, for the evolving fiddler, for the brave fiddler, for the fiddler who plays the viola, and even for the fiddler’s families. There are also inspiring stories of real-life fiddlers, teachers, and students.

CD: $10.00

Tunes in this Collection...
“Alice Johnson’s Jig,”
“It Starts with your Feet,”
“Follow the Lead Sheet,”
“Have Mercy,”
“Old Uncle Dudy,”
“Cactus Pete,”
“Mary Ann the Fiddler,”
“Shopping for a Fiddle Blues,”
“Practice, Practice, Practice,”
“Flyers on the Wall,”
“Gettin’ to the Gig on Time,”
“I’m Gonna Fiddle in a Contest,”
“Play Harmony,”
“Out of Fiddle”

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