Strauss Family Trios for Strings

These 15 tunes are just a sampling of the hundreds of musical pieces composed by Johann Strauss Senior (1804 - 1849), and his talented sons, Johann Strauss II (1825 - 1899), Josef Strauss (1827 - 1870), and Eduard Strauss (1835 - 1916).

Besides the familiar waltzes, polkas, and marches, this collection also includes cotillons (the ancestor of the quadrille), gallops (the ancestor of the polka), and landlers (the ancestor of the waltz).

The fun melodic themes, and supportive rhythmic structures are shared between all three trio parts.

Each of the collections in the Trios for Strings series consists of nine individual part books. Each of the three trio parts (A, B, and C) are available for violins, violas, and cellos.

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Tunes in this Collection...
“Amor’s Gruss” by Eduard Strauss, Op. 83 “Blue Danube Waltz” by Johann Strauss II, Op. 314 “Bruder Lustig” by Johann Strauss Sr., Op. 155 “Clear the Track Galop” by Eduard Strauss, Op. 45 “Cotillons” by Johann Strauss Sr., Op. 92 “Delirien” by Josef Strauss, Op. 212 “Fest Marsch” by Johann Strauss II, Op. 452 “Glockensignale Waltz” by Eduard Strauss, Op. 198 “Hesperus Landler” by Josef Strauss, Op. 220 “Pizzicato Polka” by Johann Strauss II,. & Josef Strauss, Op. 234 “Radetzky March” by Johann Strauss Sr., Op. 228 “Roses of the South” by Johann Strauss II, Op. 388 “Sperl Polka” by Johann Strauss Sr., Op. 133 “Travers Le Monde, A” by Eduard Strauss, Op. 43 “Velocipede” by Josef Strauss, Op. 259


One can hardly think of more delightful music than those effervescent tunes and dances penned by the Strauss family. Here are 15 tunes by Johann Strauss Senior and his talented sons; Johann Strauss II, Josef and Eduard Strauss, spanning a glorious period of high society ballrooms and salons.

Deborah Greenblatt has arranged these charming melodies with her customary skill and expertise, ensuring a rich palette of integrated ensemble sound. At the same time each of the voices gets its chance to shine in a solo context; the themes and supportive rhythmic structures are shared between all three trio parts.

The no-nonsense layout and spiral-bound books add to the ease and enjoyment of playing these perennial tunes –ideal for special events, weddings and other joyful occasions…

...Mary Nemet Stringendo, Journal of the Australian Strings Association Ltd., October 2020
used by permission of AUSTA National Journal Editor

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