Polka Trios for Strings

These 28 tunes will provide you and your audiences with many hours of wonderful music for playing, dancing, and toe-tapping. We have included traditional polkas from Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, and the Ukraine, as well as polkas by composers from Austria, Bohemia, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, and the U.S.A.

Each of the collections in the Trios for Strings series consists of nine individual part books. Each of the three trio parts (A, B, and C) are available for violins, violas, and cellos.

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Build a trio by selecting an A part, a B part, and a C part
in the clef that each musician prefers...

Violin (treble clef), Viola (viola clef), or Cello (bass clef)

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Tunes in this Collection...
Ayer, “Montville Polka”
“Clarinet Polka”
Dancla, “Polka”
Dvorak, “Polka in Bb Major”
“Ebba Polka” (Evelyn Polka)
Foster, “Soiree Polka”
Glinka“Polka Enfantine”
“Golubicica” (Little She-Dove)
Greenblatt & Seay, “Avoca Polka”
Grieg, “Polka From Larvik”
“Kalle Pe/Grashoppornas”
“Laughing Polka”
Lumbye, “August 15th Polka”
Maas, “Rooster Polka”
Medley No. 1:
“Dennis Murphy’s Polka” and “John Ryan’s Polka”
Medley No. 2:
“Jack Mitchell’s Polka” and “On Two Feet Polka”
Mozart, “Polka, from Don Giovanni”
Nobody, “Nothing Polka”
“Play Or Give Back the Money”
Rachmaninoff, “Polka Italienne”
Rosas, “Flores de Mexico”
Schubert, “Telegramme Polka”
Strauss, “Fidelen Polka” (Jolly Folk Polka)
Strauss, “Pizzicato Polka”
Vannah, “Sunbeam Polka”
Waldteufel, “Kameraden Polka”
Wallerstein, “Jenny Lind Polka”


“There are three books in the Polka collection, one each for three violin players. The polkas are mostly from classical sources, with a few popular and Irish numbers included. The music is clearly formatted and not too difficult, and could be great fun for a group of musicians to read through. One could easily substitute an accordion for one of the violin parts. My guess is that this would be a good resource for a violin teacher who wanted to ease students into playing in groups. Plus the polka is a mighty fine tune to dance to, and it is a great thrill for young musicians to play for dancing.”
...Kevin Carr Fiddler Magazine, Winter 2015/2016

“An inexhaustible supply of polkas from around the world. Brilliantly arranged by the unflagging Deborah Greenblatt, these toe-tapping polkas include traditional tunes from Austria, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and the Ukraine. These 28 tunes will provide you and your listeners with hours of enchanting music for playing or dancing. Nine separate part books enable you to have extra players or build a string trio from each of books A, B, and C. The handy and entertaining program notes advise on tempo and rhythms as well as shed light on the composers of these charming ditties.”
...Mary Nemet Stringendo, Journal of the Australian Strings Association, October 2014
used by permission of AUSTA National Journal Editor

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