Klezmer Trios for Strings

These 33 selections span the vast emotional range of the human spirit. You will find tunes that will make you want to dance, sing, cry, and just enjoy life in general. The klezmorim (traveling musicians) toured Eastern Europe, and played mainly for weddings, dances, and other happy celebrations.

The melodic content of the tunes is a combination of Jewish religious and secular tunes, with a healthy influence of the folk music of other Eastern European cultures.

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Tunes in this Collection...
“Ale Brider” (We Are All Brothers)
“Artsa Alinu” (We Have Gone Up To Our Land)
“Beepin’ Faces”
“Der Shtiler Bulgar” (The Quiet Bulgar)
“Dona Dona”
“Farmer Frances”
“Fiselekh, Fiselekh” (Feet, Feet)
“Freilach Medley No. 1”
“Freilach Medley No. 2”
“Hava Nagila” (Let Us Rejoice)
“Hine Ma Tov” (How Good and Pleasant It Is)
“Honga Medley”
“Hora Medley No. 1”
“Hora Medley No. 2”
“Hora Medura”
“I Just Adore a Hora”
“Ka Ribon”
“Keshenever Bulgar”
“Nakht in Gan Eydn, A” (A Night in the Garden of Eden)
“Nigun Medley”
“Noah Doesn’t Know-A”
“Nokh a Bisel, A Tentzel Far Die Mekhutonim” (Another Glass of Wine)
“Od Yeshoma” (May There Still Be Heard)
“Oi, Tate” (Oh, Daddy)
“Patsh Tantz” (Hand Clapping Dance)
“Siman Tov-Mazel Tov” (It Is A Good Sign-Good Luck)
“Somebodies Wives”
“Waltz Medley No. 1”
“Yidishe Mama”


“This collection is chock full of familiar klezmer and Israeli tunes set in charming arrangements for string trio. The tunes are fun to play and all of the players face enticing musical challenges. Any string player who plays Jewish weddings, or other such events, will find this volume useful.”
- Mimi Rabson
Strings Magazine, March 2013

“These arrangements for string trio are a delightful addition to the repertoire. The bulk of the material is klezmer music, although the 33-song collection also includes well-known music from the Yiddish vaudeville theater (‘Yiddishe Mama’), Middle Eastern folk music (‘Miserlou’), and original material written by Greenblatt in a klezmer style (‘Noah Doesn't Know-A’). The selections are easy to read, well laid out, and straightforward in structure. Advanced high school students should be able to navigate the modest technical demands of this collection. The pieces are also available for a trio of violins, violas, or cellos. Ensembles looking for repertoire to play for weddings or other social events will find a lot to love about this collection.”
- Mark Elliot Bergman
American String Teacher, February 2013

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