Irish Trios for Strings

These 30 arrangements, containing 61 traditional melodies, feature a wide range of emotions for all occasions. There are mystical and inspiring tunes that make you think, lyrical and jubilant tunes to help you celebrate, as well as lively and exuberant tunes to get your feet moving.

This collection includes airs, hornpipes, jigs, marches, polkas, reels, slides, slip jigs, waltzes, and some of the melodies composed by the legendary Irish piper, O’Carolan.

Each of the collections in the Trios for Strings series consists of nine individual part books. Each of the three trio parts (A, B, and C) are available for violins, violas, and cellos.

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Build a trio by selecting an A part, a B part, and a C part
in the clef that each musician prefers...

Violin (treble clef), Viola (viola clef), or Cello (bass clef)

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Tunes in this Collection...
Air Medley:
“The Edge of the White Rock”, “Sheela Nee Guira”, “Boulavogue”)
Dark Haired Lass
Down Went McGinty to the Bottom of the Sea
Five Leaved Clover
Hornpipe Medley:
(“Off to California”, “Sailor’s Hornpipe”, “Fisher’s Hornpipe”, “The Belfast Hornpipe”)
Jig Medley No. 1:
(“Crabs in the Skillet”, “The Sons of Fingal”, “King of the Pipers”)
Jig Medley No. 2:
(“Irish Washerwoman”, “The Irish Lass With the Golden Tresses”, “Boys From Tandragee”)
Jig Medley No. 3:
(“Off She Goes”, “Banish Misfortune”, “Smash the Windows”)
Larry O’Gaff
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
Madame Maxwell
Maggie in the Woods
March Medley No. 1:
(“Boyne Water”, “Song of the Chanter”, “The Halting March”, “Drunken Sailor”)
March Medley No. 2:
(“The Croppies’ March”, “The Maguire’s March”, “The Return From Fingal”)
The Miller
Polka Medley No. 1:
(“John Ryan’s Polka”, “Jack Mitchell’s Polka”)
Polka Medley No. 2:
(“Rose Tree”, “Dennis Murphy’s Polka”)
Reel Medley No. 1:
(“Drowsy Maggie”, “The Morning Dew”, “Red Haired Boy”)
Reel Medley No. 2:
(“Temperence Reel”, “Whiskey Before Breakfast”, “Fairy Dance”)
Rights of Man
Si Bheg Si Mhor
Slide Medley No. 1:
(“The Kilcummin”, “The Scattery Island Slide”, “Paddy McFadden’s”)
Slide Medley No. 2:
(“The Ballintore Fancy”, “The Meenotogues Lad”)
Slip Jig Medley:
(“The Piper’s Whim”, “Here We Go Up, Up, Up”, “The Foxhunter’s”)
Tater Patch
Waltz Medley No. 1:
(“The Enchantment of Finn MaCool”, “Planxty John Irwin”)
Waltz Medley No. 2:
(“Beauty in Tears”, “Lord Inchiquin”)
Waltz Medley No. 3:
(“The Star of the County Down”, “Flowers of Limerick”, “The Rose of Tralee”)
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Young Terence McDonough

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