Dancing Fiddle Tune Trios for Strings

These 51 dance tunes from around the globe feature hornpipes, jigs, polkas, reels, two-steps, and waltzes, with chord symbols included for your guitarist, autoharpist, pianist, etc. There are also helpful hints on how to practice and play the tunes in a danceable fashion.

The “A” parts have the melody all the time, and can be used as a solo.
The “B” parts include a lot of fancy harmonies, and twinning techniques.
The “C” parts are more rhythmic and accompanimental in nature.

This collection is an expansion of the tunes in Greenblatt & Seay Publications’ “The Dancing Fiddler’s Tune Books” which is no longer available.

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Tunes in this Collection...
“Back To Nebraska”
“Banish Misfortune”
“Boda Valsen”
“Chicken Reel”
“Clarinet Polka”
“Crabs In the Skillet”
“Crossing Great Glen”
“Durang’s Hornpipe”
“Ebba Polka”
“Fisher’s Hornpipe”
“Flying Waltz”
“Gilderoy’s Reel”
“Golubicica” (“Little She-Dove”)
“Haste To the Wedding”
“Hraj, Abo Kroszi Widdaj” (“Play, Or Give Back the Money”)
“Hunt the Squirrel”
“I Don’t Want No Babies In My Bed”
“Irish Washerwoman”
“Jack Mitchell’s Polka”
“Jonie & Mason Two-Step”
“Kelley Waltz”
“Kitchen Two-Step”
“La Cucaracha”
“Martin’s Waltz”
“Miller, The”
“My Wife Is a Wee Wanton Thing”
“Nejezdi Ty Synku (Don’t Ride Out, Sonny)”
“Noriu Miego”
“Old Lady Who Taught Me To Yodel, The”
“On Two Feet Polka”
“Over the Waves”
“Paddy Whack”
“Peekaboo Waltz”
“Rickett’s Hornpipe”
“Sailor’s Hornpipe”, “Saint Anne’s Reel”
“Same Songs Sailors Have Sung”
“Shannon Waltz”
“Sirinte Mane Motinele”
“Smash the Windows”
“Swallow Tail”
“Temperance Reel”
“Three-In-One Two-Step”
“Turfmen’s Dancing Fool”
“Turn Loose the Dogs”
“Westphalia Waltz”
“Why Do We Try”.


“In a similar vein to Welsh Fiddle Tunes for Two Violins, Greenblatt has compiled and arranged a volume of hornpipes, jigs, polkas and waltzes. This time the arrangements are for various combinations of string trio. Nine individual parts have been published. The three musical lines, A solo, B harmonic and C rhythm or accompaniment, are for violin, viola and cello. Thus one can use the set as a traditional violin, viola and cello string trio or any other combination covering parts A, B and C. Of course, one could double the parts as well, e.g. Violin B doubling viola in the harmonica line.

Program notes inform us of the interesting and varied origins of the tunes from all over the world, including the USA, Mexico, Ireland, Sweden, Hungary and Ukraine. There are helpful hints on how to play the pieces and chords symbols which enable a guitarist or keyboard player to join in. These arrangements are a very valuable resource for a first-time ensemble experience, for a small group or a string orchestra.”
- Andrew Lorenz, Stringendo, October 2015,
Journal of the Australian Strings Association,
used by permission of AUSTA National Journal Editor

“This trio of books presents 51 tunes in three--part harmony, each part contained in its own volume. All tunes are in the same order in each spiral-bound volume. The wide range of tunes draws from standard old time and Celtic pieces to tunes from varied traditions. The first volume is the melody in standard notation, the second volume is the harmony line for the second fiddle, and the third is for the accompaniment or backup fiddle. This volume has the third fiddle play a note or double stops in more rhythmic patterns. Weaving the three parts together will fill the room with a rich sound. You could also use the first book to learn the tunes and the other volumes to analyze how to play the harmony and backup fiddle parts. This set of books makes for an interesting concept. Each volume has the same chords for each tune and a section in the back with information about each tune.”
...Bob Buckingham Fiddler Magazine, Summer 2015

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