Celtic Trios for Strings

Rosin your bow for these 25 arrangements of music from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. This collection features medleys of traditional hornpipes, jigs, slip jigs, polkas, reels, waltzes, and strathspeys. Also included are a few arrangements of compositions by various Celtic composers, including Sophia Dussek, and Turlough O’Carolan.

The interesting melodic bits in these arrangements have been distributed among all three parts, so you will all have a chance to play melodies, harmonies, and rhythm licks. These catchy melodies are truly infectious, and you may experience excessive toe tapping. If you are all tapping at the same time, rejoice!

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Tunes in this Collection...
Celtic Hornpipe Medley:
“Sailor’s Hornpipe” (Irish), “Loch Leven Castle” (Scottish), “Pibddawns Heol Y Felin” (“The Mill Street Hornpipe” -- Welsh), “Durang’s Hornpipe” (Irish)
Celtic Jig Medley:
“My Wife Is a Wee Wanton Thing” (Scottish), “De Blaae Djaevle” (“The Blue Devils” -- Welsh), “Larry O’Gaff” (Irish)
Celtic Polka Medley:
“Britches Full of Stitches (Irish), “Farewell to Whiskey” by Niel Gow (Scottish), “Ffidl Ffadl” (Welsh), “Royal Scots Polka” (Scottish), “I’ll Tell Me Ma” (Irish), “The Queen’s Dream” (“Breuddwyd Y Frenhines” -- Welsh)
Celtic Reel Medley:
“Over the Waterfall” (Irish), “Coleg Y Brifysgol Abertawe” (Welsh), “Donhuil Cleireach” (“Donald Clark” -- Scottish), “Pant Ar Y Bys” (“Ridge On the Finger” -- Welsh), “Swinging On the Gate” (Irish)

Irish Hornpipe Medley:
“Staten Island Hornpipe”, “The Cuckoo’s Nest”, “King Of the Fairies”, “Off to California”
Irish Jig Medley:
“Irish Washerwoman”, “The Irish Lass With the Golden Tresses”, “Boys From Tandragee”
Irish Polka Medley:
“Dennis Murphy’s Polka”, Jack Mitchell’s Polka”, John Ryan’s Polka”
Irish Reel Medley:
“Five Leaved Clover”, Dark Haired Lass”, Red Haired Boy”
Irish Slip Jig Medley:
“The Fairy”, “The Night Before Larry Was Stretched”, “A Country Wedding”
Irish Waltz Medley:
“The Star of the County Down”, “Flowers of Limerick”, “The Rose of Tralee”
O’Carolan Medley:
“Si Bheg Si Mhor”, “Planxty John Irwin”, “Beauty in Tears”
“When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” by E.R. Ball

Gow Strathspey Medley:
“Mrs. MacDouall Grant” by Nathaniel Gow, “Lady Muir Mackenzie” by William Gow, “Miss Stewart of Grantully’s Strathspey” by Niel Gow
“Hornpipe” by H. MacCunn
“Rondo, from Sonata No. 2, Op. 3” by S. Dussek
Scottish Hornpipe Medley:
“Honeyman’s Hornpipe” by William C. Honeyman, “Burgess Hornpipe”, “Marton’s Hornpipe”
Scottish Jig Medley:
“The Atholl Hghlander”, “Fairly Shot On Her”, “Jig of Slurs”
Scottish Reel Medley:
“Biodh Mid Subhach” (“Let Us Be Merry”), “The Fyket”, “Reel in E Minor”, “Reel from Islay”
Scottish Slip Jig Medley:
“Rattlin, Roarin Willie”, “I Ha’e A Wife O’ Ma Ain”, “The Drops of Brandy”, “Three Guid Fellows Doon In Yon Glen”

“Browning” by E. Bevin
“I Told My Nymph” by J. Harris
Welsh Jig Medley:
“Hela’r ‘Sgyfarnog” (“Hunting the Hare”) “Jig Owen” (“Owen’s Jig”), “Y Derwydd” (“The Druid”)
Welsh Polka Medley:
“Y Coroni” (“The Crowning”), “Bechgyn Yn Chwarae”, “Man Ddarlun” (“Little Picture”)
Welsh Slip Jig Medley:
“Beti Llansan’ffraid” (”Betty the Mischief”), “Hoffedd Ap Hywel” (“Ap Howell’s Delight”), “Hoffedd Modryb Margd” (“Aunt Maggie’s Fancy”), “Breuddwyd Y Wrach” (“The Witch’s Dream”)
Welsh Waltz Medley:
“Morfa Rhuddlan” (“The Marsh of Rhuddlan”), “Wyres Megan”, “Morfa’r Frenhines” (“The Queen’s March”), “Digan Y Pibydd Coch” (“The Red Piper’s Melody”)

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“With now well over forty books of arrangements under her belt, Deborah Greenblatt continues to amaze with her joyous arrangements of folk melodies from all over the world. This time Celtic tunes from Ireland, Scotland and Wales abound in medleys of traditional hornpipes, polkas, jigs, reels and waltzes. Deborah invites you to rosin your bow for these infectious melodies. A variety of time and key signatures ensures you are kept on your toes and your audience's toes will also be tapping away in no time. Melodies are distributed between all three parts so each player gets a chance to shine.”
...Mary Nemet Stringendo, Journal of the Australian Strings Association Ltd., April 2017
used by permission of AUSTA National Journal Editor

“There are a mix of traditional tunes and ones from known composers (O’Carolan, the Gows...). They range from familiar (Sailor's Hornpipe, Larry O’Gaff, and Swinging On the Gate) to rarer tunes. Most would be accessible to advanced beginners and intermediate players.”
...Mary Larsen Fiddler Magazine, Spring 2017

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