Background Trios for Strings, Volume 2

Background Trios for Strings, Volume 1” is so much fun, that we just had to create a Volume 2. There are 20 pieces in this collection, and many are a bit more adventurous than Volume 1.

Styles represented include Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical music. As with Volume 1, everybody shares the interesting melodic bits.

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Tunes in this Collection...
Anonymous, “Alman”
Beethoven, “Allegro for a Flute Clock”
Cabezon, “Pavaniglia”
Carravaggio, “Sicilian Cascarda”
Dittersdorf, “Trio No. 1”
Greenblatt, “Banana Boy”
Haydn, “London Trio No. 1”
Joplin, “Bethena”
Lalande, “Noels”
Mozart, “Overture, Marriage of Figaro”
O’Carolan, “Si Bheg Si Mhor”
Pepusch, “Allegro, Triosonata in F”
Purcell, “Golden Sonata”
Quantz, “Sonata in D”
Rameau, “Tamburin”
Smetena, “Dance of the Comedians”
Telemann, “Triosonate”
Vredeman de Vries, “N’As-Tu Point?”
Weelkes, “Those Sweet Delightful Lilies”
Wilbye, “O, What Shall I Do?”


“These two volumes (‘Background Trios For Strings, Volume 1 ’ and ‘Background Trios For Strings, Volume 2’) of twenty-four and twenty tunes, respectively, are generally two to four-page trios for violin, viola, or cello, in any combination. The diverse collection includes everything from Beethoven’s ‘Six Landlers’ to ‘Jesse Polka’ and the ‘Pig Ankle Rag’ (Vol. 1). Volume II is a bit more classical, covering every era. Tunes in Volume II are a bit longer than those in Volume I, and include more third position. The arrangements are well balanced and everyone gets some ‘action.’ The print is easy to read and the off-white pages are thoughtful to eyes. Bowing and dynamic markings are well placed. The spiral binding allows the music to lie flat on a stand. The page layout avoids page turns. These books are good for gigging, and would also be good pieces for any young trio.”
- Jan Farrar Royce
American String Teacher, August 2011

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