Telemann’s Fantasias

G. P. Telemann composed 12 Fantasias for Violin, and 12 Fantasias for Flute. This collection includes all 24 of these pieces arranged for solo violin or viola. These are all terrific pieces, suitable for concerts, for background music for all occasions, and for impressing your friends and family. There are many fun places for string crossings, even in the the flute pieces. Fingerings are included to lead you to these fun places. Second position is used frequently providing a delightfully sensible way out of a lot of nasty places.

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Telemann’s Fantasias for Solo Violin

Book: $15.00

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Telemann’s Fantasias for Solo Viola

Book: $15.00

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Tunes in this Collection...

(arranged for strings)
“Fantasia No. 1 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 1 For Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 2 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 2 for Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 3 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 3 for Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 4 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 4 for Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 5 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 5 for Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 6 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 6 for Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 7 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 7 for Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 8 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 8 for Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 9 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 9 for Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 10 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 10 for Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 11 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 11 for Violin,”
“Fantasia No. 12 for Flute,”
“Fantasia No. 12 for Violin”

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