The Renaissance Fiddler’s Tune Book

This spiral bound collection includes 21 olde tunes composed between the years 1100 and 1650. Love songs, sad songs, dance songs, waltzes, etc., from Germany, France, England, and Italy will add just the right depth and change of pace to your repertoire. Helpful hints on the playing of the tunes and a source list are included.

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Tunes in this Collection...
“Anna” by Erasmus Widemann
“Bransles de Champaigne”
“Courante” by Samuel Scheidt
“Dit le Bourgignon”
“Edi Beo Thu”
“Estampie Anglais”
“Estampie Royale”
“Gabriel From Heaven Came”
“Galliard” by Susato
“He! Robechon” by Adam de la Halle
“J’ai Encore un tel Paste” by “Adam de la Halle
“The Jester” by Deborah Greenblatt
“Lekhah Dodi” by Solomon Ha-Levi Alkabetz
“Margaretha” by Erasmus Widemann
“Saltarello” (2/4)
“Saltarello” (6/8)
“Sophia” by Erasmus Widemann
“Tanzen und Springen” by Hans Leo Hassler
“Trairi Deluriau” by Adam de la Halle
“Venes Apres Moi” by Adam de la Halle

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