The Cajun Fiddle Tune Book and CD

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This collection of Cajun tunes is intended as a stepping stone for those who are new to the Cajun tradition. It is almost impossible to adequately capture the spicy flavor of Cajun music in standard music notation, therefore, specific notes and bowings are suggested. The spirit in the music is quite infectious, and quickly you will find your toes tappin’, your fingers flyin’, and your bow dancing. The stereo CD features fiddle and rhythm guitar. The tunes are mixed with rhythm guitar on one side of the stereo, and the fiddle on the other. Once you learn the tune, you can tune out the fiddle with your stereo’s balance control, and play along with the guitarist yourself!

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Tunes in this Collection...
“J’ai Passe Devant Ta Porte”
“Grandpa’s Waltz”
“La Valse Des Jonglements”
“Grand Mamou”
“Fais Ton Dodo”
“L’Affaire de Perrodin”
“Saute Crapaud”
“J’Etais Au Bal Hier Soir”
“Madame Sostan”
“I Don’t Want No Babies in My Bed”
“Bozo Two-Step”
“Port Arthur Blues”
“French Jig”
“T En As En Mais T En Auras Plus”
“Les Verves De La Coulee”
“Je Veux M’Marier”
“Cajun Reel”
“J’ai Laisse De La Maison”
“One Step A Caumont”
“J’ai Fait Tou I Tour”
“Parlez-Nous A Boire”
“Bosco Stomp”
“Step it Fast”
“Joni & Mason Two-Step”
“Empty Bottle Stomp”
“La Valse De Grand Bois”
“Lake Arthur Stomp”
“Chere Joules Roses”
“Indian on a Stump”
“Les Bars De La Prison”

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