Wedding Fiddling Tunes for Two Soprano Recorders

The 38 tunes in this collection are arranged for two players and are organized in the order of the festivities at a traditional wedding. This comes in handy when selecting songs with the bride-to-be, and when it’s time to play. Helpful hints to help ease your way are scattered throughout the book. This book has the same tunes in the same keys as the Wedding Fiddling Tunes for Two series which includes books for violins, violas, cellos, basses, and mandolins. For instance a soprano recorder player and a violist could play a wedding together if each had the appropriate book.

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Book: $15.00

“I’ll Get Wedded In My Auld Claes”; “Minuet in G”, by Bach; Minuet, from Water Music”, by Handel; “Hine Ma Tov”; “The Wedding”; When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”, by Ball

Candle Lighting:
“Air”, by Bach; “Chorus Jig”; Gymnopedie No. 1”, by E. Satie; “Beauty in Tears”, by O’Carolan; Haste to the Wedding”; “Marie’s Wedding”

Seating of Family:
“Erev Shel Shashanim”; “Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)”; Lord Randall’s Bride”; “Swedish Wedding March”

“Canon”, by Pachelbel; “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, by Bach; Greensleeves”; “Tantst, Tantst Yidelekh”; “Trumpet Tune”, by Purcell”

“Bridal Chorus, by Wagner”; “Eshes Chayil” (A Woman of Valour); The Bridal Jig”; “Trumpet Voluntary”, by Purcell; “Rondeau”, Mouret

During the Ceremony:
“Air”, by Handel; “Amazing Grace”; Ave Maria, by Schubert”; “The Joys of Wedlock”

“Ode to Joy”, by Beethoven; “Off She Goes”; Siman Tov-Mazel Tov”; “Wedding March”, by Mendelssohn

“Kiss the Bride”; “Honeymoon Polka”; Johnny’s Wedding”; “Od Yeshoma”

Wedding Fiddling Tunes for Two CD

The Wedding Fiddling Tunes for Two CD features Deborah Greenblatt performing all of the tunes in the Wedding Fiddling Tunes for Two series books on violin. The melody part comes out of one stereo speaker and the harmony part comes out of the other speaker. By adjusting your stereo’s balance control you can isolate either part so you can play the other part along with it.

This CD may be used with any of the books for any of the instruments in the Wedding Fiddling Tunes for Two series.

CD: $10.00

The tunes from the CD may also be purchased individually on CD Baby Music Store .

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