Skinner Tunes for Two Soprano Recorders

This collection features 40 tunes by the great Scottish fiddler/composer/dancing master, J.S. Skinner (August 5, 1843 – March 17, 1927). In his own words: The great work of my life has been composing music for the people of Scotland. The music that reaches and lives in the hearts of the people is the music that they whistle or sing at their daily toil or in their hours of recreation, that the mother croons o’er the cradle, and that accompanies her children, a joyous companion, through life.”

This book has the same tunes in the same keys as the Skinner Tunes for Two series which includes books for violins, violas, cellos, basses, and mandolins. For instance a soprano recorder player and a violist could play together if each had the appropriate book.

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Tunes in this Collection...
“Adnil’s Mazurka”, “Angus Campbell”, “Arthur Seat”, “Balmoral Schottische”, “Bonnie Banchory”, “Bonnie Nellie Reel”, “Cortes Gardens”, “The Cradle Song”, “Dalkeith’s Lament”, “The Election Galop”, “The Flower of the Quern”, “Gallaton”, “Hector the Hero”, “I’ll Aye Be Fond O’Ingram”, “The Iron Man”, “Jamie Shearer”, “The Kirrie Kebbuck”, “Knockie”, “The Laird O’Drumblair”, “The Left Handed Fiddler”, “Madame Vanoni”, “Mary Walker”, “Mrs. Scott Skinner”, “The Music O’ Spey”, “Peter Gray”, “The Piper’s Weird (Macrimmon’s Farewell)”, “Pittengardener’s Rant”, “Professor Blackie”, “Professor Scott”, “The Rosebud of Allanvale”, “Sandlaw’s Welcome”, “Sandy Grant”, “Sandy Skinner”, “Scott Skinner”, “Scott Skinner’s Rockin’ Step”, “Sir William Wallace”, “Star Dust”, “Tipperty’s Jean”, “The Warblers Polka”, “The Zeppelin”

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