The International Recorder Player’s Tune Book

This spiral bound collection includes 52 tunes for two recorders from 52 places including Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, etc. Volume I is scored for 2 soprano recorders, and Volume II is scored for 2 alto recorders. Includes many interesting facts, and a source list.

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Volume I for 2 Sopranos: $20.00

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Volume II for 2 Altos: $20.00

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Tunes in this Collection...
Argentina: “My Farm”
Australia: “Kookaburra”
Austria: “Komm Speilmann”
Belgium: “Donkeys and Carrots”
Brazil: “Shake the Papaya Down”
Bulgaria: “Theodora is Dozing”
Canada: “En Roulant ma Boule”
Chile: “Eternal Refrain (“Cantar Eterno)”
China: “Trot, Pony, Trot”
Chippewa: “Hoot Owl Song”
Croatia: “Ja Posijah Ripu”
Denmark: “Clapping Land”
England: “Looby Lo”
Estonia: “Orchestra”
Finland: “The Sled Race”
Flanders: “Maid From Scheveningen”
France: “Frere Jacques”
Germany: “A Bird in the Woods”
Greece: “The Olive Tree”
Holland: “A Basketful of Nuts”
Hopi: “Mooki, Mooki”
Hungary: “At the Airport”
Ireland: “The Galway Piper”
Israel: “Kum Bachur Atzel”
Italy: “Come Rowing With Me”
Japan: “Haru Ga Kita (Spring Has Come)”
Korea: “Koltak”
Latvia: “Soldier’s Song”
Lithuania: “Kalvelis”
Luxembourg: “The Washerwoman”
Mexico: “Los Enanos”
Moravia: “Nejezdi Ty Synku”
Navajo: “I Walk in Beauty”
Netherlands: “Trek, Trek, Horses”
Norway: “My Homeland”
Pakistan: “See the Bright Stars”
The Philippines: “One Day (“Isang Araw)”
Poland: “Tell Me, Little Maiden”
Puerto Rico: “The Carpenters (“Los Carpinteros)”
Quileute Indians: “The Molock Song (“The Elk Song)”
Russia: “Volga Boatmen’s Song”
Scotland: “Who Should I”
Shetland Islands: “Day Dawn”
Spain: “Buenos Dias”
Sweden: “How D’Ye Do, My Partner?”
Switzerland: “Vreneli”
Thailand: “Siamese Song”
Thuringia: “Our Own Dear Country”
Ukraine: “Diwocza Widmowa (“Maiden’s Refusal)”
Venezuela: “My Twenty Pennies”
Virgin Islands: “Calaloo”
Wales: “All Through the Night”
Appendix I: “Source List”
Appendix II: “Embassies and Tourist Information Centers”
Appendix III: “National Holidays”
Appendix IV: “Capital Cities/Official Languages”


“...Music teachers will certainly enjoy the chance to play these charming tunes, both solo and with friends. In addition, many of the tunes can be played by the teacher to generate and enhance movement activities while studying other cultures. I would recommend ths book for the teacher who wishes to extend her playing experience and add a worth while resource of international music to her personal music library.”
- Linda Hill,
The Orff Echo, Fall 1996

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