Jewish Recorder Quartet Collection

for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass

This collection features traditional Jewish and Yiddish folk songs, wedding music, as well as some original Greenblatt & Seay melodies in the Klezmer style, suitable for weddings, parties, and dances.

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Score & Parts: $39.00

Score: $12.00

Parts: $27.00

Tunes in this Collection...
“G&S Klezmer Medley
(“Beepin’ Faces”, “Farmer Francis”, “Somebodies Wives”)
“Hava Nagila”
“Hine Ma Tov”
“I Just Adore a Hora”
Medley No. 1
(“Bim Bom”, “Haida Haida”, “Araber Tantz”, “Zemir Atik”)
Medley No. 2
(“Achshav”, “Mayim”, “Yesh Lanu Tayish”, “Frailach”, “Od Yishama”, “Kum Bachur Atzel”)
Medley No. 3
“Debka”, “Der Shtiler Bulgar”, “Od “Yishama”)
“Noah Doesn’t Know-A”
“Siman Tov”/“Mazel Tov”
“Tantst Tantst Yidelekh”

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