Fairy Queen by Henry Purcell

for String Quartet or String Quintet or String Orchestra

This collection includes the instrumental pieces from Henry Purcell’s 1692 opera, The Fairy Queen, which is an adaption of Shakespeare’s play, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. It can be played as a quartet (violin 1, violin 2, viola, and cello) or as a quintet (with bass). Violin Part 3 books, which can substitute for the viola part, are available. It is also suitable for string orchestra.

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Score & Parts: $34.00

Score: $9.00

Parts: $25.00

Fairy Queen by Henry Purcell - Violin Part 3 Book

This Violin 3 Part Book doubles the viola part, with octave changes when necessary.

Part Book: $6.00

Tunes in this Collection...
“First Music, Prelude”
“Second Music, Air”
“Act I, Overture”
“First Act Tune, Jig”
“Dance for the Followers of Night”
“Second Act Tune, Air”
“Overture, Symphony While the Swans Come Forward”
“Dance for the Fairies”
“Dance for the Green Men”
“Dance for the Haymakers”
“Third Act Tune, Hornpipe”
“Act IV, Symphony”
“Entry of Phoebus”
“Fourth Act Tune, Air”
“Act V, Prelude”
“Entry Dance”
“Monkey’s Dance”
“Chaconne, Dance for Chinese Man and Woman”
“Appendix , Entry Dance”
“Appendix IV, Air”


“...very well arranged by Deborah Greenblatt.... appropriate for grade 3 to grade 6 (RCM). The music is clear, and easy to read. All of the parts are well written and interesting. This collection delighted me on all levels. The quality of this collection inspired me to discover the other arrangements of Ms. Greenblatt. I reccommend Ragtime String Collection, Lumbye String Collection, The Water Music by G.F. Handel, and Irish String Quartet Collection. These collections are appropriate for intermediate students, advanced students, and is also useful for professionals for receptions, and other similar engagements. In conclusion, I have uncovered some very good arrangements, varied, stimulating, interesting pieces, which will enchant students of all levels.”
- Brigitte Amyot
Canadian Viola Society Newsletter, Spring, 2005”

“Another excellent and welcome arrangement by Ms. Greenblatt. This selection includes 24 pieces and can be played in full as a suite of items or as a smaller work, selecting individual pieces. All parts are of grade 3 level and can be played by intermediate students or amateurs or of course professionals. It is quite possible to add voices to this arrangement and perform as a stage or operatic performance. If you are not familiar with this famous work by Purcell, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”
- Dr. Michael Vidulich
Australian & New Zealand Viola Society Journal, April, 2005

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