The Water Music by George Frideric Handel

Violin, Violin, Viola, and Cello

Handel composed this music for King George I’s party on the Thames River. According to a newspaper article from 1717, there were “50 Instruments of all sorts, who play’d all the Way from Lambeth (while the barges drove with the tide without rowing, as far as Chelsea), the finest symphonies, compos’d express for this occasion, by Mr Handel, which his Majesty liked so well, that he caus’d it to be plaid over three times in going and returning.”

Violin Part 3 books, which can substitute for the viola part, are available.

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Score & Parts: $70.00

Score: $30.00

Parts: $40.00

The Water Music by George Frideric Handel - Violin 3 Part Book

This Violin 3 Part Book doubles the viola part, with octave changes when necessary.

Part Book: $10.00

Tunes in this Collection...
“Horn Suite in F”
“Trumpet Suite in D”
“Flute Suite in G”


“It is no small feat to distill the full score down to a version for string quartet and still maintain the feel of the original, but Greenblatt has successfully done so... easy-to-read score and parts... faithful to the original... tasteful...
It is great fun to play...”
- Strings Magazine,
September/October 1998

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