String Quartets for All Seasons: Summer

Violin, Violin, Viola, and Cello

These 11 arrangements feature Renaissance music, Baroque music from Italy, Romantic music from Denmark, Germany, Russia, and the U.S.A., and early 20th century music from the U.S.A. These pieces reflect the different moods of the summer season, and will provide many hours of enjoyment for student and professional quartets alike.

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This collection is part of the String Quartets for All Seasons series. Collections of season inspired tunes are also available for autumn , winter , and spring .

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Tunes in this Collection...
Anonymous, “Sumer Is Icumin In”
Arnold, “In Summer”s Cool Shade”
Beach, “Farewell, Summer”
Evans, “In the Good Old Summer Time”
Hensel, “August”
Lumbye, “August 15th Polka”
MacDowell, “Summer Wind”
Mendelssohn, “Midsummer Night”s Dream Overture”
Schumann, “A Summer”s Night”
Tchaikovsky, “July, Song of the Reaper”
Vivaldi, “Summer”


“I was recently taken on a pleasant journey through the four seasons with the String Quartets For All Seasons compiled and arranged by Deborah Greenblatt. Like the name entails, String Quartets For All Seasons focuses on a central theme of the four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and the music that is representative for that particular season. Each season has its own score and as a player you are taken on an emotional journey to different times and genres from the Renaissance period through to Ragtime. The arrangements of the String Quartets For All Seasons are clean and fun to play. The counterparts amongst the strings are well arranged. The bowings may not be original (i.e., Vivaldi’s Four Seasons arrangements); they are, though, quite logical to follow and have been writen in all four parts. With the diverse musical genres contained within each score, String Quartets For All Seasons is ideal for intermediate to advanced student ensembles, amateurs, and of course professionals. They are wonderful sources for teaching, personal pleasure, gigs, as well as concert repertoire.”
...Judy Hung, The Journal of the Canadian Viola Society, Spring, 2013

“Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Overture will keep players on their toes and Schumann’s Summer Night is delightful in this quartet arrangement. You will find pieces to everyone’s taste here. Be assured you will never run short of tunes to play, whatever the season or occasion. ”
- Stringendo, October 2013, Journal of the Australian Strings Association

“These two albums (String Quartets for All Seasons: Summer and Autumn) provide collections of pieces for the advanced student or professional quartet on summer and autumn themes. The music covers a wide array of styles from Renaissance to Baroque to Contemporary; many stay true to the original. The pieces range in length from one page to several, making it easy to choose pieces to suit just about any purpose. Selections range from slow lyrical pieces to upbeat polkas and madrigals, from popular and well-known to less well-known but just as beautiful. The arrangements offer each instrument opportunities to play both melodic and harmonic roles. With few bowings or fingerings provided, grade 4 players will be comfortable adding their own. This collection makes an excellent addition to any quartet’s library.”
- Matthew Wright, American String Teacher , November 2013

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