Renaissance String Quartets

Violin, Violin, Viola, and Cello

These 25 arrangements feature works by well known composers of the day (Byrd, Morley, Palestrina, etc.), as well as composers that are not so well known (Anerio, Holborne, Phalese, etc.). Many of these pieces are suitable, aka “easy”, for folks playing in a quartet for the first time. You may experience harmonies and dissonances that are new to you. (Of course, they are really quite old...) Some of the rhythms may be unexpected, so take it slow. Trust the tunes. They have exotic charms of their own, and they will find their own speed.

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Tunes in this Collection...
Anerio, F., “Girene Canzone D’Al Mio Bel Solo”
Anonymous, “Bransles de Champaigne”
Anonymous, “Fantasia in C Major”
Anonymous, “Tourdion”
Arcadelt, J., “Voi Ve N’Andate”
Bull, J., “Galiardo”
Byrd, W., “Fantasia in A Minor”
Clemens, J., “Ye Nightingales”
Dowland, J., “Now, O Now I Needs Must Part”
Farnaby, G., “Sometime She Would”
Ferrabosco, A., “Gittene Canzonett’al Mio”
Galilei, V., “In Exitu Israel”
Gervaise, C., “Gaillard”
Gervaise, C., “Pavanne de la Guerre”
Gibbons, O., “Fantazia of Foure Parts”
Hassler, H.L., “Ridon di Maggio i Prati e i Vaghi Colli”
Holborne, A., “The New Year’s Gift”
Isaac, H., “Carmen”
Jeune, C., “Voicy Du Gay Printemps”
Josquin, “El Grillo”
Lasso, O., “Bonjour Mon Coeur”
Lasso, O., “Matona, Lovely Maiden”
Morley, T. “Sing We And Chant It”
Palestrina, G.P., “Adoramus Te”
Phalese, P., “Saltarello”

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