Irish String Quartet Collection

Violin, Violin, Viola, and Cello

Over 30 minutes of traditional Irish tunes. Includes program notes! Violin Part 3 books, which can substitute for the viola part, are available.

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Score & Parts: $43.00

Score: $13.00

Parts: $30.00

Irish String Quartet Collection - Violin 3 Part Book

This Violin 3 Part Book doubles the viola part, with octave changes when necessary.

Part Book: $8.00

Tunes in this Collection...
G&S Jig Medley, 1
(“If You Wanna Play With the Turfmen”, “Running Aground”, “Economizing)
G&S Jig Medley, 2
(“Blow Harmonica Blow”, “Crossing Great Glen”, “Thingama Jig”)
Irish Medley, No. 1
(“Rights of Man”, “Down Went McGinty to the Bottom of the Sea”, “Banish Misfortune”, “Irish Washerwoman”)
Irish Medley, No. 2
(“Dark Haired Lass”, “Rose Tree”, “St. Anne’s Reel”, “Tater Patch”, “The Miller”)
Irish Medley, No. 3
(“Repeal of the Union”, “Jack Mitchell’s Polka”, “Smash the Windows”, “Whiskey Before Breakfast”)
Irish Medley, No. 4
(“Crabs in the Skillet”, “Larry O’Gaff”, “Haste to the Wedding”, “Brian’s March”)
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
O’Carolan Medley, No. 1
(“Young Terence McDonough”, “Beauty in Tears”, “Planxty John Irwin”, “Si Bheag Si Mhor”)


“..the tune moves around to each player and none of the arrangements are difficult, most are in 1st position with a few passages requiring 2nd or 3rd position. With a little practise you could be ‘Lord of the Strings’. Highly recommended.”
- Dr. Vidulich, President,
Australian & New Zealand Viola Society Journal, September 2000

“This collection shows considerable attention to detail...These deserve to find their way to all the string quartets who perform non-classical music. The treasure trove of great Irish tunes is wide and deep, and many a popular chestnut is here. They are designed with the advanced player in mind both in the difficulty of execution and in the ensemble writing, although I could imagine a solid intermediate player having a go at them. Brava!”
- Hollis Taylor
Fiddler Magazine

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