Quantz Duets

These late baroque gems by the German composer Johann Joachim Quantz are full of wonderful harmonies, shared melodies, and a variety of moods. There are ten individual “Quantz Duets” part books available.

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Build a duet with each part in the clef that each musician prefers by selecting from the following individual part books....

Violin (treble clef), Viola (viola clef), or Cello (bass clef)

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Tunes in this Collection...
“Duetto I, Opus 2”: Allegro; Larghetto; Presto
“Duetto II, Opus 2”: Allegro Assai; Andantino; Presto “Duetto III, Opus 2”: Allegro; Larghetto, alla Siciliana; Tempo di Minuetto ma Grazioso
“Duetto IV, Opus 2”: Allegro; Affettuso; Presto
“Duetto V, Opus 2”: Allegro; Mesto; Allegro di Molto
“Duetto VI, Opus 2”: Cantabile; Allabreve ma Presto; Cantabile; Canone Infinito


“It’s delightful to come across such an amount of very playable music in one edition. The pieces themselves are of a fascinating late-Baroque-early-Classical flavour, favouring each style in turn and keeping players and listeners engaged. Keys, meters, and afects are varied to wonderful effect.

In terms of the notes, the playing level is moderate: this is suitable working repertoire for intermediate students, reading material for advanced students, and excellent gig music. Actiity is shared quite equally between parts, with heaps of counterpoint and satisfying supporting material. A particularly helpful item: the parts are published separately and available in multiple clefs. Thus one can mix and match according to whim and available instruments.

The notation is clear and page layout is sensible (read: no mid-movement page turns). The arranger has put in decent bowings and left fingering decisions up to the player.

This is really good music to have on hand. The tunes are pleasant, but what’s more, they’re musically satisfying. Having played the pieces through a couple of times I look forward to opportunities to refine and perform them.”
- Tatiana Friesen,
The Journal of the Canadian Viola Society , Autumn, 2012

“The set of six duets by Quantz is impressive with these baroque gems full of wonderful harmonies and shared tunes. There are several clef variations to suit performers among the 10 separate Quantz duet parts. See more Greenblatt books on the website -- they are ideal for any festive event or for pure enjoyment.”
...Stringendo, Journal of the Australian Strings Association , April 2013

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