Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two

42 traditional Scottish tunes arranged for two players, with chords for back-up musicians included.

Each Tunes for Two collection consists of individual spiral-bound duet books presented in score form with melody on the top line and harmony beneath so you can play each tune by yourself or with others. Duo arrangements of the tunes in this collection, in the same keys, are available for violins, violas, cellos, basses, mandolins, and soprano recorders.

The tunes in this collection are laid out so that there are no page turns to interrupt the flow of your playing.

PDFs are available worldwide for each of the books in the Tunes for Two series.

A companion CD that may be used with any of the books for any of the instruments in this series is also available.

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Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two Basses

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Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two Cellos

Book: $15.00

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Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two Mandolins

Book: $15.00

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Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two Violas

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Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two Violins

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Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two Soprano Recorders

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Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two CD

CD: $10.00


Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two CD features Deborah Greenblatt performing all of the tunes in The Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two series books on violin. The melody part comes out of one stereo speaker and the harmony part comes out of the other speaker. By adjusting your stereo’s balance control you can isolate either part so you can play the other part along with it. This CD may be used with any of the books for any of the instruments in the The Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two series.

Scottish Fiddle Tunes for Two PDFs

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Tunes in this Collection...
“Auld Lang Syne”, “The Barren Rocks of Aden”, “Bonnie Nellie Reel”, “The Crodhaig MacAllan”, “The Dairymaid’s Croon”, “Davy Nick Nack”, “Delgaty Castle”, “Duke of Atholl’s March”, “The Earl of Breadalbane’s Hermitage”, “The Flower of the Quern”, “Garthland House Strathspey”, “The Gathering”, “Glen Lyon”, “Good Luck”, “The Happy Pair”, “Hector the Hero”, “Hen’s March, The”, “The High Road to Linton”, “I Hae a Wife of My Ain”, “Jigg to the Irish Cry”, “The Lass of Patie’s Mill”, “Loch Lomond”, “Lullaby from Eriskay”, “Mary Scot”, “McPherson’s Rant”, “Miss Balcarres Lindsay’s Favourite”, “Miss Brown’s Favourite”, “Miss Crawford’s Favorite”, “Miss Lundie’s Jig”, “Miss Spence’s Favorite”, “Mr. James Boswell’s Jig”, “Mrs. Boyd of Pinkie’s Strathspey”, “O She’s Comical”, “Pigeon On a Gate”, “Professor Blackie”, “Quickstep”, “Skye Boat Song”, “Struan Robertson’s Rant”, “Thro’ the Wood Laddie”, “Tit For Tat”, “Tom Dey Strathspey”, “Willie Was a Wanton Wag”


“This great compilation of Scottish fiddle tunes, with optional guitar chords, is arranged for any combination of two string instruments, allowing for versatility in the classroom or private studio. Nearly all of them are placed in keys friendly to early players such as A, D, and G major, with other keys, such as E-flat major and G minor. The tricky bowings are as good for classical players as they are for fiddlers. This collection is a great way to begin class or end a lesson on a day that seems to drag. Students will delight in playing the bright, happy tempos and finger and bowing techniques. Students can also change parts and learn about harmony. The open score printing aids the teacher in the event that a student does become lost. This collection is highly recommended.”
- MJ Sunny Zank
American String Teacher , May 2012

“The latest offerings of fiddle tunes arranged for recorders by Deborah Greenblatt are welcome additions to the folk repertory for our instrument. While the arrangements are not complex, the interactions between the voices are interesting. Some are primarily homophonic, while others display more independence in the lines. Most rhythms are straightforward, though there are a few with little tricky bits. There is nothing, however, that requires advanced rhythmic skill and that cannot be mastered by practice. The melodies are catchy. Slurs are indicated, which is useful. Metronome markings are given. Well-suited to intermediate players, and some of the selections are easy enough for more advanced beginners. Because of the pleasing nature of the melodies and of the arrangements, more experienced players with an interest in folk music will also enjoy them. They would make for nice concert programming.”
- Beverly R. Lomer, Ph.D.,
American Recorder , Spring 2019

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