Ragtime Fiddling Tunes for Two

This wonderful collection of ragtime music contains 20 tunes composed by Felix Arndt, George Botsford, Helen S. Eaton, Irene M. Giblin, Marcella A. Henry, Charles L. Johnson, Scott Joplin, Joseph F. Lamb, Muriel Pollock, Arthur Smith, Charles A. Tyler, etc.

The syncopated rhythms, the excursions out of first position, and the unexpected harmonies are sure to challenge the adventurous student, as well as the professional in search of entertaining, readable tunes with near-perfect page turns. Guitar chord symbols for accompaniment are included. Each book features over 60 pages of music plus program notes.

Each Tunes for Two collection consists of individual spiral-bound duet books presented in score form with melody on the top line and harmony beneath so you can play each tune by yourself or with others. Duo arrangements of the tunes in this collection, in the same keys, are available for violins, violas, cellos, basses, and mandolins.

PDFs are available worldwide for each of the books in the Tunes for Two series.

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Ragtime Fiddling Tunes for Two Basses

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Ragtime Fiddling Tunes for Two Cellos

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Ragtime Fiddling Tunes for Two Mandolins

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Ragtime Fiddling Tunes for Two Violas

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Ragtime Fiddling Tunes for Two Violins

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Tunes in this Collection...
“Beaumont Rag”, “Black & White Rag”, “Bohemia Rag”, “Chatterbox Rag”, “Chicken Chowder”, “Cotton Patch Rag”, “Dallas Bound”, “Dill Pickles Two Step”, “The Entertainer”, “House Rent Rag”, “Mop Rag”, “National Colors Rag”, “Peacock Rag”, “Pig Ankle Rag”, “Porcupine Rag”, “Rag-Time Dance”, “Red Apple Rag”, “Rooster Rag”, “Three-in-One Two-Step”, “Toots”


“...the most practical for players who want to gradually build up a set of parts for larger groups. This collection for two violins may be augmented by collections of the same tunes in the same keys for two violas, cellos, basses and mandolins. The advantage, of course, is the great flexibility in selecting your favorite string instrumentations. In the very popular activity of duet fiddling, this works well... All seem to be chosen for their fiddlerability: they work well as played with the bowing, phrasing and ornamentation that a true fiddler would be inclined to use. The keys are a clue to this as well as to the accessibility for younger players: of the 20 pieces, 14 are in G or C major. All the keys are apparently drawn from the piano originals, not the published orchestrations, where the keys are sometimes altered. The print is large and clear, and the notation is enhanced with chord labels... Some suggested bowings are very helpful to beginners to get the best articulations, and the phrasing is carefully considered to accommodate the tunes and the style. These publications are great not only for the players but also for public school music programs and private instrumental teachers. I’m pleased to recommend all her work and that of her husband/musical partner, David Seay.”
- David Reffkin
Ragtimers.org , November 2009

“Another well-written addition to the vast library of music for two or three bowed and strummed string instruments. Twenty of the most popular ragtime tunes are artfully arranged... The pages are easy to read, page turns are organized to avoid interruting the performance of each piece, and the books lie flat on the stand. The paper is even partially recycled. What more could you want, except maybe to look forward to the next new book from this dynamite musician and teacher.”
- Jan Farrar Royce
American String Teacher , August 2010

“... highly recommended as good repertoire for any studio and curriculum.”
- Brenda Mitchell, Jan Farrar Royce
American String Teacher , February 2011

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