Harmonica Workshops with David Seay

10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica

Over the past 20 years I have conducted well over 100 introductory harmonica workshops. Within the first few minutes workshop participants are playing simple folk songs from the mid-1800s on their very own brand new harmonicas.

Harmonicas were first made by watchmakers in Austria and Germany in the 1830s and were first mass produced in Germany in 1857, so this activiity can fit many historically focused events.

It is possible to arrange to have me include a mini-harmonica workshop in my “The ‘Tradition’ in Traditional Folk Music” or my “Nebraska Territory Stories” presentations that are offered thru the Humanities Nebraska Speakers Bureau program. It’s fun to get the whole audience involved.

A one day, three to eight hour, “Folk Traditions Through Music” residency, featuring a hands-on introduction to harmonica mixed with a history lesson is available with the help of a Humanities Nebraska Category V: Residency. Humanities Nebraska Residency programs are designed to be presented to one audience. They can be tailored to fit your particular group and situation.

Each harmonica comes in a plastic pouch with a sticker stating "Recommended for ages 3+", but this activity works best for 6 years old and up.

Participants in the focus groups during a Nebraska Arts Council AiS/C five day residency can have daily hands-on harmonica workshop sessions. This works particularly well in class sized groups in schools. A concert on the last day of the residency could feature these groups playing their very own brand new harmonicas.
These grants would not cover any of the cost of the harmonicas.

Email David for more information.


“Thank you so much for such a wonderful afternoon and evening. Wow was that fun. I heard harmonica music from the trees (kids underneath) for the rest of Chautauqua. That was fun!!! Everyone enjoyed all of the instruments.”
...Committee Member
Grand Island Community Foundation Chautauqua 2013

“This presenter was awesome. He was very well prepared, enjoyable and interesting.”
...Harmonica workshop participant
Omaha Public Library


Workshops may be scheduled to last from 15 to 90 minutes.

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