Greenblatt & Seay Tune of the Month # 3

“Bitch Creek”

words and music by Debby Greenblatt
© 1999 by Greenblatt & Seay
Debby: Lead Vocals and Guitar
David: Harmony Vocals and Harmonica

If you’re feelin’ lonely, if you’re feelin’ blue
If you’re feelin’ nothin’ and you’re wonderin’ what to do
If your roommates give you trouble, if your dog locks you out
If your soul is cold and empty then you know without a doubt

    You’ve gotta wade in the waters,
    You’ve gotta find what you seek
    You’ve gotta wade in the waters,
    In the waters of Bitch Creek

If you’re tired of toiling, if your back is sore
If your blood is boiling and you can’t take it no more
If you’re right, and you know it but nobody else can see
How can your face not show it lose the mask and follow me.

You could ask your preacher, you could ask your dog
You could ask your teacher and you’d still be in the fog.
You could try another diet looking for a remedy
Who knows, you might like it but there is no guarantee.

If I get to heaven I’ll tell ya what I’ll do
I’ll build a big old theme park with a river running through
You can have your River Jordan and the Ganges River too
When it comes to my salvation there’s just one place that will do

On My Roof

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