Greenblatt & Seay Tune of the Month # 4

“Avoca Polka”

words by David Seay and music by Debby Greenblatt
© 1990 by Greenblatt & Seay
Debby: Lead Vocals and Fiddle
David: Harmony Vocals and Guitar
Old Avoca Schoolhouse

When David and I were considering moving to Avoca, one of the first things we agreed on was that we should compose a polka for Avoca, whether we moved here or not. Fortunately for us, we are here, and being in the middle of it all gave us the perspective that we needed to give out-of-towners a sense of the spirit of fun that is here for the open-minded.

We recorded this tune in 1990 in the Old Avoca Schoolhouse on a 4 Track Tascam Portastudio. It was included in a collection of our original tunes on a CD we released entitled "Freakin’ Fiddles".

Old Avoca Schoolhouse

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