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Since playing at their own wedding, in 1978, Greenblatt & Seay have played for countless weddings and receptions.

Often they help set the mood by starting off with uplifting hammered dulcimer tunes while guests arrive and get seated.

When it’s time to seat the family Debby and David can switch to violin and guitar. To change the flavor they can play a variety of other instruments, i.e. harmonica, recorder, pennywhistle, and even musical saw for specific songs during the ceremony.

Some of the most requested wedding tunes that Greenblatt & Seay play at weddings include Pachelbel’s “Canon”, Purcell’s “Trumpet Tune”, Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March”, and Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus”.

After the recessional Debby and David can pick up the tempo by playing a variety of styles depending on your taste. Besides Classical, Old-time Fiddle, and Renaissance styles, Debby and David also play music from many cultures, such as Irish, Jewish, Swedish, etc.

Other options available for weddings are Deborah Greenblatt playing solo violin and The Greenblatt String Trio for a thicker, more elegant sound.


Greenblatt & Seay can create an upbeat mood as guests arrive at the wedding reception as people and start to mingle.

During a meal their music can provide a festive atmosphere. There is no need for a sound system so guests need not try to talk over the sound of loud speakers. Greenblatt & Seay can play two or three tunes in one location, then move to another location and play some more tunes, then move again, etc., until they have covered the whole room a few times.

For variety instruments can include violin/fiddle, guitar, hammered dulcimer, harmonica, recorder and pennywhistle.

After the meal Greenblatt & Seay can even put on a show complete with singing and audience participation.

Also available for wedding receptions is The Greenblatt String Trio.

A Greenblatt & Seay Wedding Sampler CD is available to help you make your song selections for the ceremony. Songs are presented in the order of activities at a wedding, i.e., candle lighting, seating of the family, bridesmaids, bride, recessional, etc.

For more information about this CD please contact Greenblatt & Seay at 402-275-3221 or send an email to g-s@greenblattandseay.com.


Hammered Dulcimer

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