The Jewish Recorder Player’s Tune Book for Soprano

We have included in this collection 28 of our very favorite tunes of Jewish, Hebrew, Klezmer, and Israeli origin. These are the same tunes in the same keys as in the Jewish Fiddler’s Tune Book, so you can all play nicely together.

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Book: $10.00

Tunes in this Collection...
“Achshav”, “Aydi Bim Bim”, “Bezelel”, “Bim Bom”, “Bulbes”, “David Melech”, “David, David”, “Dayenu”, “Dire Gelt”, “Finjan”, “A Girl Sitting on the Oven”, “Good Purim Jews”, “Hatikva”, “Hevenu Shalom Alechem”, “Hine Ma Tov”, “Hop Mayne Homentashn”, “I Had a Little Overcoat”, “In Odessa”, “Ki V’Simha”, “Kol Dodi”, “Kum Bachur Atzel”, “Ma Tovu”, “My Old Sieve”, “Oats and Rye”, “Rad Halaila”, “Shalom Chaverim”, “Tantst, Tantst Yidelekh”, “Zum Gali Gali”

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